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Alnico Magnets - Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt Magnets

Production Flow Diagram of Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnet material is an alloy of aluminium-nickel-cobalt which possesses an excellent temperature stability over a wide temperature range and high residual induction. Their maximum working temperature is about 500C. It has strong corrosion resistance capability without any coating for surface protection.

However, its low coercive force limits its applications in many cases. Casting and sintering are two major processes used to manufacture the Alnico magnets. Alnico magnets with complex shapes may be manufactured by casting. Once the Alnico magnets are formed, it is difficult to machine or drill them due to the hard and brittle mechanical properties of Alnico. Magnets are casted or sintered as closely as possible to required sized so that abrasive grinding to finish dimensions and tolerances is minimized.

Sintered Alnico materials offer slightly lower magnetic properties but better mechanical characteristics than the cast Alnico materials. Sintered Alnico magnets are most suitable for small sizes. The desired mix of metal powders is pressed to shape and size in a die,then sintered at about 1700C in a hydrogen atmosphere.The sintering process is well suited to large volume production,and results in parts which are structurally stronger than cast magnets. Relatively close tolerances can be achieved without grinding.

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