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Alnico Magnets (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt Magnets)
Material Information:
  • Production by casting or powder metallurgical techniques
  • An alloy composed of matrix of Al-Ni-Fe-Co
  • Excellent stability over a wide temperature range higher than 500C, Temperature coefficient of Br and iHc <0.03%
  • Strong corrosion resistance capability without coating for surface protection
  • Good resistance to demagnetization from vibration and shock
  • Good flux density at an reasonable cost
  • Very hard & brittle

Typical Physical Properties:
Curie Temperature (C) 860
Maximum Operating Temperature (C) 525-550
Resistivity (µ ohm.cm) 47-54
Hardness (Hv) 520-630
Density (g/cm3) 6.90-7.30
Relative Recoil Permeability (µrec) 1.70-4.70
Saturation Field Strength, kOe (kA/m) 2.7-6.3 (215-500)
Temperature Coefficient of Br (%/C) -0.025 ~ -0.02
Temperature Coefficient of iHc (%/C) +0.01 ~ +0.03

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